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Despite widespread impressions, the notion of cultural policy is not self-evident and it is not a transhistorical category of political activity. It dates to the beginning of the Fifth Republic. Only at this time was “culture instituted as a category of public policy.” [10] Vincent Dubois, La Politique culturelle: Genèse d’une... [10] Previously, the very idea of cultural policy was an oxymoron, given the conflicted relationship between artists and intellectuals on the one hand and the state on the other.

During the first decades of the Third Republic, art was perceived as partaking in a logic that was incompatible with money and power. The independence of the artistic field was constructed in the existence of an antagonism between artists and bourgeois, between culture and the state: coming closer to an institution is seen as a step toward academicism. From the period after World War One through to the Fourth Republic, no specific ministry was charged with artistic and cultural questions, which fell under several different branches of the state (foreign affairs, youth and sports, justice, army). Even the Popular Front government spoke of a “leisure policy,” and granted cultural issues to an “undersecretary of sports and leisure,” who was placed under the authority of the minister of national education.

The liberation saw the emergence of a large movement of education and popular culture (“Work and Culture,” “People and Culture”), but it was an act not of the state, but of militants and intellectuals, who often had been involved with the resistance movement. Their goal was clear: “Give back culture to the people and the people to culture” and bring forth a “CULTURE COMMON TO AN ENTIRE PEOPLE: common to intellectuals, managers, and the masses.” [11] Cited by Dubois, Politique, 133. The capital letters... [11]

The Fourth Republic had an “artistic policy” through its “undersecretary for fine arts,” under the education ministry. It also created the foundation for a theater policy, led by the tireless Jeanne Laurent, deputy director of performance and music until 1952.

It was not until February 1959 when the ministry of cultural affairs was created, having been custom made for André Malraux, that the state truly concerned itself with “cultural policy” for the first time. [12] The first article of the decree of July 24, 1959, written... 18K Gold White Topaz And Emerald Earrings Yi Collection L0XnDNT
And Malraux insisted on the absolute novelty of his undertaking, which he did not at all wish to see assimilated to an “administrative problem of leisure” [13] Speech to the senate, December 8, 1959. Cited in Dubois,... ACCESSORIES Hats GStar YI6sI
or to “the former office of fine arts,” [14] Speech to the national assembly, November 9, 1967.... Wilbert Wilbert Mens Hat Mens Wilbert Barts Mens Mens Hat 3fL1E
which he denounced as archaic.

Published on
Thursday, July 05, 2018
Common Dreams

"Ethics matter. So does a commitment to the EPA's central mission. Pruitt failed miserably on both counts."

Julia Conley, staff writer
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EPA chief Scott Pruitt resigned Thursday. (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr/cc)

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Thursday that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt has resigned, following months of mounting scandals regarding his misuse of taxpayer funds for his lavish travel expenses, the extreme secrecy with which he ran the agency, his treatment of his staff, and other ethics controversies.

"This victory belongs to the hundreds of thousands of activists who fought to protect the EPA from a corrupt crony set on destroying it from the inside." —Erich Pica, Friends of the Earth

While Pruitt's management style and ethics-free behavior frequently threatened to distract from his activities as the nation's top official ostensibly in charge of safeguarding the environment, climate action groups and other green campaigners have repeatedly Womens Babylon Xl Bifold Wallet Furla 9Rr61sC3M
his aggressive efforts to undermine the EPA's stated mission while spearheading the Trump administration's overall effort to execute a massive giveaway to the fossil fuel industry and other corporate interests.

Any of the dozen outrageous ethics scandals perpetrated by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt should have been enough to force him out, yet he stayed til now. But better late than never. Good.

— Noah Bookbinder (@NoahBookbinder)

Friends of the Earth (FOE) called Pruitt's departure a "victory for people and the planet."

"Scott Pruitt's corruption and coziness with industry lobbyists finally caught up with him," FOE president Erich Pica. "We're happy that Pruitt can no longer deceive Americans or destroy our environment. This victory belongs to the hundreds of thousands of activists who fought to protect the Environmental Protection Agency from a corrupt crony set on destroying it from the inside...We must work to remove every member of this administration who has abused their power and put polluter profits over people and the planet."

"Ethics matter," concluded Rhea Suh, president of the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC). "So does a commitment to the EPA's central mission. Pruitt failed miserably on both counts."

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Becoming an Assistant Director with us will see you taking the reins of a challenging position that requires oodles of gumption, determination and flexibility.

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I started as an AD after hearing about Explore from, I didn’t know what I wanted to do do but I knew it wasn’t a desk job! After Uni, I was a retail manager and then went and taught in France. I got really excited by the variety and responsibility that I’d get as an AD.

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